Since 1930

an important role in the period furniture tradition for almost a century

Since 1930

A history spanning almost a century, an intuition born from the love and knowledge of authentic materials, which has given life to an innovative market, forging new professional skills, which, to this day, are dedicated to the restoration of antique furniture.

3000 m2

An impressive showroom offering the direct sale of pieces from all over the world, not limited to furniture but also every type of furniture accessory from all periods from the 18th century onwards.

3 generations

The experience of three generations of restorers and expert antique dealers is at the service of private buyers and industry operators such as traders, architects and interior designers, who are supported with care and attention during purchasing and restorations, by highly qualified personnel.

History - Mobili Sisi Antique Furniture
Restoration workshop - Mobili Sisi Antique Furniture

Origins & history

The history of Mobili Sisi began in the late 1920s, when the great intuition of its founder, Cesare Sisi, “gave way to a new culture of wood working; a more artistic culture, which led to the generation of style furniture and the restoration of antiquarian materials.”

Extensive experience gained in the recovery of antique furniture and restorations allowed the company to evolve in line with market demands, progressively abandoning the reconstruction of style furniture and fully embracing the antique market.

Today, Mobili Sisi, with more than 3000 square metres of exhibition space, is a point of reference for both the direct sale of antiquarian furniture and collectibles from all over the world, and restoration services, boasting a large workshop with a complete team of professionals, from gilders to upholsterers.

History - Mobili Sisi Antique Furniture
Mobili Sisi Antique Furniture - Restoration


For three generations, Mobili Sisi has trained and employed the services of professional figures having the necessary skills to satisfy all restoration needs and perform on-site evaluations of antique furniture.


A 3000 square-metre showroom and decades of experience in the antiquarian sector are placed at the service of customers to help make the ideal choice and prepare the perfect design for either private or commercial spaces.

Mobili Sisi Antique Furniture - Design
History - Mobili Sisi Antique Furniture

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