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The decades of experience accumulated by Mobili Sisi, founded in the 1930s thanks to the creative intuition of its founder, Cesare Sisi, initially specialising in style furniture and subsequently in antique furniture, is offered to our clients with a broad range of services dedicated to restorations. We offer both restoration services carried out by expert carpenters, and polishing services, using both wax and shellac polishing techniques.

Restoration of antique objects - Mobili Sisi Antique Furniture

The workshop

Restoration of antique objects - Mobili Sisi Antique Furniture

Our restorers are able to recondition floral and other inlaid motifs made using precious woods (such as bois de rose, maple, ebony, walnut brier-root and others), as is commonly found on the veneers of Louis XV or Louis XVI commodes, or else geometric or architectural motifs, such as those often depicted in Maggiolini’s school of cabinet making.

For solid wood furniture items requiring the reconstruction of pieces that are either missing or have significantly deteriorated over time, our restoration workshops use only antique wood in patina without the addition of any new materials, essential for the correct restoration of a precious piece.

We have a workshop for the gilding and restoration of consoles, wall mirrors, gilded living sets or any piece needing its decoration and patina restored with pure leaf gold or silver mecca, or else with lacquering and gilded finishes. All techniques are reproduced using original procedures.

Restoration of antique objects - Mobili Sisi Antique Furniture

not just furniture...

To guarantee a turnkey service for those who choose our company, we also have an upholstery workshop, where customers can select fabrics from our swatch books to cover sofas or chairs and armchairs they have purchased from us, or if they prefer, use their own fabrics. The selected product will be handed over with quality upholstery, made using traditional artisan methods, but above all with all the care you’d expect for pieces as valuable as these.

We also offer the restoration of prints or paintings, which are entrusted only to the most qualified professionals specialised in those specific restoration techniques, restoring the original light and colours with excellent results.

Restoration of antique objects - Mobili Sisi Antique Furniture

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